The services that Cedar Knoll offers are those of memorial and remembrance. As an all faith cemetery, we offer a variety of burial services with a Chapel Community Mausoleum onsight. The cemetery grounds offer a unique garden style and all monuments are flush to the ground with no standing monuments.

New burial options for cremated remains are available. Contact us with any questions.

Loss of a Loved One
Each of us experience grief differently, depending on our individual coping style and life experiences. Losing someone you love or care for deeply is very painful. It’s important to remember that grief is a natural and normal reaction to a significant loss, and that you’re not alone. There is no set time frame for grieving and it is ok to reach out to your support network through family, friends, spiritual leader or joining a support group. If you have recently lost a loved one, buried here at Cedar Knoll or elsewhere, our condolences to you.